Distribution Centre Requires Waste Cardboard Solution

Cardboard King has recently assisted a Skelmersdale based distribution centre with seasonal and fluctuating waste cardboard production. A busy Distribution Centre repacks goods at their distribution centre based in Skelmersdale. Large amounts of waste cardboard cartons are produced in the packing area.

Client requires a solution addressing the following issues:

  • ability to deal with fluctuating and seasonal volumes of waste
  • maximisation of internal space
  • reduction/elimination of double handling


1100ltr wheelie bins are provided with clear signage for Operatives to use. These are lidded and stored when not in use outside the building. The bins are taken inside to the packing area, close to where the waste is generated. Double handling is eliminated as the filled bins are wheeled outside and exchanged with an empty one. The working area space is maximised as all waste is stored securely in lidded bins outside the building.

Filled bins are collected either weekly or twice weekly, dependant on seasonal waste volumes.

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